Apple Retires iPad 2, Replaces It With Retina Display Model



Apple has re-introduced its fourth-generation iPad, this time with only a 16GB capacity.

The revived model replaces the aging iPad 2 — originally released in early 2011 — in Apple’s lineup. Like the iPad mini with Retina Display, it is priced at $399, making it $100 than the iPad Air. A cellular model is also available for $529.


Significantly abandoning the iPad 2 and replacing it with the iPad 4 means that all available iPad models now use a Lightning connector — since the iPad 2 was the only model left with the original 30-pin adapter.

Other than the mandatory 16GB capacity choice, there aren’t any changes to the iPad 4. The model includes Apple’s dual-core A6X processor, a 5 MP iSight camera, and 1.2 MP FaceTime camera.

Source: Apple Store

  • MleB1

    Apple seems to spending their time just moving the deck chairs around at this stage.

    Reintroduce an older, ‘cheaper’, less-capable iPad, produce a less-capable version of your less successful iPhone, reintroduce the production of the iPhone 4 for ’emerging’ markets, dust off the 7 year old iOS with more ‘improvements’…

    Desperately missing the ‘Insanely Great’ at this stage – especially when their hardware is lagging behind the competition.

    • Jeremy Cove

      If you believe that, you’ve missed the point. They replaced the iPad 2 with a more capable iPad as the entry level. It’s a step forward, not back.

      • MleB1

        Don’t get me wrong. If Apple can continue to resurrect old, less-capable tech (albeit one that looks pretty with Retina) at a premium price and sell them via the P.T. Barnum mandate (There’s a sucker born every minute), then more power to them.

        However (and before Jobs’ passing), Apple seemed to have lost any wildly creative spark and are simply (short of doing long-delayed patches – sorry, ‘updates’) pushing old ideas/products at us in the hope that we won’t notice – or worse, care.

        Hey, its not my job (nor reputation) to think of the next ‘Insanely
        Great’ thing. Its just a pity it doesn’t seem to be Apple’s anymore,

  • Blair Benjamin Carmichael

    I was saving up for the 128GB version, now I’m out of luck?!

    • Jeremy Cove

      You can still get the 128GB iPad Air. Only the iPad 2 has been replaced.

      • Blair Benjamin Carmichael

        But i didn’t want the “air”