Apple’s Own Security Guards To Protest At Shareholder’s Meeting



The men and women who ensure the safety of Apple employees will stand against the Cupertino company to demand better pay. With some of them forced to rely on public assistance and for housing and food due to the low quality jobs provided by companies like Security Industry Specialists (SIS), they want Apple to secure a better contract for them.

As another in a long line of rallies and protests, it may be difficult to get the attention of the Cupertino-based company’s shareholders, but the security officers and their community supporters hope to make enough noise to point out that while they work for the most profitable tech company in the world, the security officers are usually hired on part-time as on-call employees.

In a press release, protesters point out that Apple profits grew to over $41 billion per year between 200 and 2012, but the median income for Silicon Valley workers shrank by 12 percent over the same period to under $44,000 annually. The activists are asking Apple to help lift the standard of living for these employees and their families.

“Whether a software engineer or a security officer, Silicon Valley thrives when all workers in our community have the opportunity to provide for their families,” said former SIS officer Walter Redding in a statement. “I hope Mr. Cook understands that his actions have consequences on the lives of working families. It’s time for Apple to do the right thing by hiring a responsible security contractor who will provide good, steady jobs.”

The protest is scheduled for Friday, February 28 at 10:00 am outside of Apple corporate HQ at 1 Infinite Loop. Protesters, including security officers, elected union officials and community supporters, will be on hand to greet guests at the general meeting with leaflets and signs to highlight their perspective on the income disparity of workers in Silicon Valley, and then rally outside the campus to ask Apple to choose a more socially responsible security contractor.

Source: SEIU

  • stickyicky97

    Good old shitty SEIU milking money for no good reason. I’m so sick of Unions.

    • James

      Yes! Who needs people organize to better themselves through collective bargaining. What we need is more indentured servitude and having to work 3 jobs to afford to eat. Every tiny bit of workplace perk(s) you currently enjoy are the result of people fighting and dying for workers rights. In the US we work harder and are more productive for less than our counterparts in other countries. It would be one thing if wages increased at the rate of inflation but that isn’t happening.

    • grr74

      Even President Reagan, someone I assume you respect, headed a Union once. He called Union membership ‘One Of The Most Elemental Human Rights’

  • dreamdjinn

    You aren’t Apple employees. You work for a contracting company. Complain to you company. I’m sure the wages are competitive.

  • dcj001

    In my experience, “security” does little more than stand and/or walk around.

    • James

      Do you work security? Why the disdain?

  • mahadragon

    I don’t understand why they are asking for more money. Does working for Apple require more knowledge than working security at say, Walmart?

    Also, SIS pays their salary. They don’t work for Apple. Why are they crying to Apple for better pay? If I want better pay, I go to my boss. I don’t ask my neighbor to request a pay raise on my behalf.

    Man up and ask management for a raise, yourself.

  • lucascott

    They don’t work for Apple. That is part of the issue. They work for security outsourcing companies who set their hours, wages etc.