Protestors Dressed As iPhones Plank Foxconn Shareholder Meeting



Sit-ins are so twentieth-century. Protesters Wednesday ‘planked’ outside a Foxconn shareholders meeting in objection to the Apple manufacturer’s long history of worker suicides.

Planking is a trendy new way to either protest or just have fun by laying face down with arms at the side. Recently, an Australian man died after “planking” atop a balcony.

[Business Insider, Australian Planker Death]

  • sincarne

    Honest question: Foxconn makes components for dozens of electronics manufacturers. HP, Dell, Amazon, Sony, Vizio and MS all use them. Why does Apple get all of the press and attention around Foxconn?

  • Andrew

    Because no one follows the others religiously.
    When was the last time you saw a website dedicated to HP news?

  • Mike Rathjen

    They don’t look like they are dressed as iPhones at all. They look like they are dressed as Foxconn employees.

  • aramishero

     I found that author’s post are crap recently… 

  • Tora

    Huh… I was expecting more of an article here…like maybe something about the high rate of apple employee suicides mentioned in the first paragraph. Instead, all we get is a snarky little comment at the start and an explanation of “planking.”. The first just seems insensitive, and the second I could’ve figured out on my own. Way to drop the ball there.

  • Tora

    This one especially so…What a disappointment.

  • Cesar

    Because Apple marketed heavily with a “Think Different”appeal which goes against the current manufacturing findings.  The other companies sort of escaped this because they didn’t present an alternative “lifestyle” campaign.  It feels like hypocrisy to many consumers and it hurts their brand image as being progressive.

  • Alistair H.

    I think it’s a completely different world out there…here in Europe, if an employer abuses you – you don’t kill yourself or plank at the shareholder’s meeting – you just leave the job and hire somewhere else…

    Still, i think those people deserve more respect. Without them, we could not play with our fancy gadgets everyday…they are more important to us than most of people think.

  • iHate_Is_Back

     Because unlike Jobs the other CEO’s didn’t go on D8 and shoot their big mouth off with blatant claiming the problem didn’t exist.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Hey Sutherland try writing an article when your head isn’t shoved up your ass. That snarky comment at the beginning of the article serves only to demonstrate what an asshole you really are.