‘Steve Jobs Was A Poser,’ Says New HBO Comedy Silicon Valley [Video]



On Sunday, HBO debuted the first trailer for its upcoming Mike Judge comedy series Silicon Valley.

Hoping to be viewed as Entourage for the startup scene, the series promises to take viewers inside a fictionalized Silicon Valley, complete with cameos from real-life high tech players.

While Apple is a long way from being a startup these days (although it sure likes acquiring them), the trailer does contain one reference to the company, in a scene in which one character is told he needs to “deliver, like Steve.”

After clarifying that this refers to Steve Jobs rather than Wozniak, another character responds, “Jobs was a poser. He didn’t even write code.”

Silicon Valley is set to premier April 6, based in part on Mike Judge’s time as a test engineer in Silicon Valley early in his career.

Hey, it definitely couldn’t be worse than The Internship, right?

Source: Hollywood Reporter