Amazon Plans To Launch Apple TV Competitor In March



It’s been more than 700 days since we’ve seen an Apple TV hardware update, but Apple’s not the only company hurrying out the finishing touches on TV set-top box.

Amazon is planning to launch its answer to the Apple TV this March, according to a report from Re/code. The Amazon TV box will take aim at the Apple TV and Roku, utilizing Amazon’s growing video catalog.

Last year we heard Amazon was planning to launch its TV box by the Holidays, but then had to shelve those plans.

Adding a TV box to its hardware lineup will give Amazon more distribution for its web video catalog, as well as its own shows the company is producing.

Apple is also expected to reveal an update for the Apple TV soon that will bring big software changes, including new UI and a new “Game Store.”

It’s unclear whether Amazon’s TV box will have gaming capabilities, but the company has been hiring game developers. There have been rumors that they’re working on a Ouya style console for Android, so we wouldn’t rule it out, but we’re still waiting to see those KindlePhone rumors come true too.

Source: Re/code