WSJ: Amazon To Launch Apple TV Competitor For The Holidays



Amazon is gearing up to launch a new set-top box that hopes to compete with the Apple TV and other video streaming devices this holiday, The Wall Street Journal reports. It’s understood the device is small and resembles a Roku, and it will run apps and provide content from a variety of sources, including Amazon’s own Prime service.

Amazon hopes the new device will expand its presence in the living room, and give customers an easier way to enjoy its content on their televisions. Rumors surrounding such a device were first reported back in April by The Journal, but at the time, it was thought the device would only be capable of showing Amazon content.

Now it seems Amazon is approaching “a variety of media app developers” and cable TV providers to bring their services and content to it as well. The retail giant has reportedly given some partners a mid-October deadline to submit apps, so that they are ready for launch this holiday season.

Amazon is yet to decide on a release date, however, and pricing has not been discussed, either, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans. But you can expect the device to be cheap, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos keen on selling hardware close to the cost of manufacturing and then making a profit from the content sold on it.

Amazon’s main aim is to boost Prime subscriptions, which provides access to thousands of movies and TV shows on demand for a $79 annual fee, The Journal reports. Today, they can only access that content through a Roku, the Xbox 360, or via the Prime apps for Android and iOS.

Source: The Wall Street Journal