Square’s (RED) Card Reader Takes A Swipe At AIDS



Apple has been a long time supporter of Project RED by selling special edition products that help the charity, but now you can help fight AIDS just by swiping credit cards on your iPhone.

Project RED announced today that it teamed up with Square to launch the new SQUA(RED) Reader. The red credit card reader costs $10, 97.25% of which goes straight to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

The goodwill doesn’t stop with just the $10 price tag though. When customers swipe with the SQUA(RED) Reader they’ll get an emailed receipt with a link encouraging them to donate to the Global Fund to fund AIDS programs in Africa.

Last year Jony Ive teamed up with designer Marc Newson to curate a charity auction to benefit Project RED. The two also created unique items like a RED Mac Pro that sold for almost $200k, as well as some gold EarPods, a custom Leica, a unibody aluminium desk, and  more.

Bono and Project RED have raised more than $250 million to fight AIDS in the past eight years, but Square is hoping to raise at least $250,000 more for the charity, a goal that will require the company to sell about 25.700 readers, but it will only be available in the U.S.


Source: Square