Jony Ive Vanishes From Apple’s Executive Profiles Page [Update]



UPDATE: Shortly after posting this news item, Ive’s photo appeared back on the U.S. Executives Profiles page.

In a strange move, Jony Ive’s picture has vanished from Apple’s online list of executives – although his profile page is still accessible to users who type in the address.

While it would be a massive mistake to jump to conclusions, this change has previously signaled the departure of an Apple Senior VP — as it did when former iOS head Scott Forstall left the company in 2012.

In early 2012, Ive received a knighthood in the Queen’s New Year Honours List. While it had previously been reported in early 2011 that he may be retiring from Apple and returning to the UK, this obviously did not wind up happening.

Cult of Mac will provide updates on the current situation — which may turn out to be nothing more grievous than a website error. His profile is still appearing on the Executive Profiles page of Apple’s UK mini-site, on which he is listed as Senior Vice President of Design.

Source: Apple

  • Just looked, he’s definitely appears on that page

  • Andrés Torrejón

    I picture jony saying: “let’s see how much they love me!”

  • Zillo Mab

    Jony left, a minute or two, to get a good cup of tea and has already returned.

  • HisokaKoga

    Everybody loses their minds

  • Barrett Jasper

    Bad hair day…he’s at Supercuts.

  • Jake Fuller

    Mr. Ive’s just don’t scare the hell out of us again. XD

  • Søren Mulvad

    Am I the only one that is a bit irritated that Eddy Cue’s picture is “flipped” relative to the others?

    • jalabi

      That’s an obvious sign that he’s actually dead, and that Apple has substituted him with an Eddy Cue clone. Have we learned nothing???