Walter Isaacson: Google’s Innovation Is Great, But Apple Is Best At Executing [Video]



Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson ruffled some fanboys’ feathers earlier this month when he said Google is outpacing Apple on the innovation front. Pointing to the Nest acquisition as evidence, Isaacson says the greatest innovation is coming out of Google.

During an appearance on Bloomberg TV this morning Isaacson stood by his comments but clarified that while innovation is great, the most important trait for tech companies to acquire is the ability to execute, and no one executes better than Apple.

Asked about Apple’s problems coming out with a great low-end device, Isaacson responded that Apple won’t ever be good at low-end because it makes “insanely great products” so it will have to come out with a new disruptive device.

Listen to Walter’s full comments in the video below:

Source: Bloomberg

  • ctt1wbw

    Buying a company isn’t innovation.

  • aardman

    He’s limiting himself if he only talks authoritatively about technology. He wrote a biography of Einstein too; I’m sure he can be an expert commentator on physics as well.

  • Steven Quan

    Google does have some neat ideas with Chrome, Glass, self driving cars, and Android. However, how many of these ideas have actually come to market and made a huge change on the way we do things? It’s sort of like saying the Galaxy S4 is innovative because you can swipe your hand in the air to do gestures. Unfortunately few people actually use these features so it’s not really innovative.

    Android is popular, but do people actually use their devices? If you look at the fact that people spend 3 times more on iOS devices dollar wise and 2 1/2 times more web surfing, despite only having 1/3rd of their market share the answer is basically no. Google certainly isn’t profiting from Android much by giving the operating system away for free.

    The touch screen was innovative because even though Apple didn’t invent it, their implementation is the reason why every mobile device on the planet has a touch screen today. That’s true innovation. If you read Issacson’s book he does for the most part do a good job of being unbiased, but it’s obvious that if he weren’t doing an autobiography he would be an Apple hater. He throws a few low blows at Jobs even though it’s only a couple short passages.