Loot Hero: A Retro-Styled Infinity Blade That’s Grindier Than A Pepper Mill [Review]


Loot Hero

If you’ve ever played an older role-playing game, you know the feeling of reaching a point at which you realize that your characters are too weak to progress, which means that you have to take them back to previous areas and kill boars or something to earn the experience to level up and become strong enough to actually continue playing the game.

Loot Hero by VaragtP Studios
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

Loot Hero is a game that is all about that moment. It’s an action-RPG, kinda, that has you running back and forth like a crazy person, killing monsters to gain experience so that you can continue running back and forth like a slightly stronger crazy person. And once you hit a wall, you have to go back to older levels with easier enemies so you can run back and forth there to gain experience and money to make your character better equipped to run back and forth among stronger enemies.

It sounds like a drag, and it kind of is, but it’s also surprisingly engaging.

Loot Hero
You can take a break from the running to buy upgrades to run more effectively.

Here’s how it works: Loot Hero contains five levels. You start at the left and run to the right or left by holding the corresponding side of the screen. Your little knight will automatically attack enemies he runs into, and they will automatically attack him back. As you mow down enemies, you gain experience and money to buy upgrades, and at the end of each level, you bounce off of a boss until it dies.

At the end of the fifth level, you fight a dragon, and if you defeat it, you start the five-level cycle all over again facing stronger enemies who drop bigger rewards.

It’s surprisingly engaging.

Loot Hero has reduced the role-playing genre to its most mundane, and it’s more fun than it has any right to be. Once you’ve leveled up a few times, you can just run straight through levels without stopping and watch the enemies fly and your loot accumulate. You’ll have to play levels repeatedly to progress, but they’re so short and simple that it’s somehow never quite boring.

I’m not sure if the developers are having a laugh here, but they’ve definitely made something interesting.

Loot HeroGame Name: : Loot Hero
The Good: Constant sense of progress and satisfaction.
The Bad: It’s a game about grinding, so that will probably be devisive.
The Verdict: It’s not for everyone, but people who enjoy watching meters fill up and previously unbeatable enemies fall under the weight of the hero’s now-mighty blade will have loads of fun.
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  • balty

    Nice little game, but really too easy !
    You just have to bought the DEFENSE item, and you can beat everyone at the higher level, all the time… Even the dragon, on each difficulty level. When you know that, this game is really boring :( Sad.

  • helloyup