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BioUnlock Lets You Use Touch ID To Unlock Your Mac [Jailbreak]



Photo: Apple

While Touch ID saves you the pain of writing in a passcode to unlock your iPhone, until now Mac users haven’t been afforded the same ease of use.

A new jailbreak feature is looking to change that, however, since it gives users the opportunity of using their iPhone 5s’ Touch ID feature to unlock their Mac computer.

Because BioUnlock — by developer Eric Castro — allows users to assign a specific fingerprint to their Mac computer, it is possible, for example, to use a thumb to unlock the iPhone 5s, but an index finger to unlock a MacBook. This way, users won’t accidentally unlock their Mac when attempting to unlock their iPhone, or vice versa. A video by Castro shows how it works:

Discussing BioUnlock in a Reddit post, Castro explained that he’s still working on the jailbreak code, but that he hopes to have a completed tweak available for download in the Cydia Store by the end of January.

The tweak works by using WiFi to communicate between your Mac and your iPhone. Bluetooth support is on his list of things to do, as well as Windows support.

Source: iClarified