Apple Hopes To Increase Market Share In India By Relaunching The iPhone 4



For some time now, a number of pundits have been calling on Apple to release a cheaper version of the iPhone to grow market share in developing countries.

To some extent Apple has apparently listened — since it is reportedly planning to sell the discontinued iPhone 4 in India for the reduced price of around RS 15,000 ($250) — making it among the cheapest unsubsidized iPhones in the world.

This price represents a 43 percent discount on the phone’s last retail price of about RS 26,500, when taking into account buyback and monthly installment payment schemes.

Apple will reportedly begin by selling unused inventory of the iPhone 4 rather than restarting manufacturing. The 8GB iPhone 4 could arrive in stores as early as next week so that Apple can take advantage of the Republic Day sales bump.

Currently Apple sells the iPhone 5s, 5c and 4s in India, which remains the world’s second largest mobile phone market.

Source: Times of India