Square And Griffin Have Made A Merchant iPhone Case For Card Reader [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bug LAS VEGAS — Square sells its own cash register replacement for the iPad, but the mobile payments company has yet to debut any iPhone-compatible accessories for its card reader. Well, until now.

Griffin has made a Merchant case that is designed specifically to work with Square’s tiny reader, and it doubles as an added layer of protection for the iPhone.

The Square Reader to easily accessible while plugged into the iPhone’s headphone jack. A groove in the silicone casing allows the user to swipe a card smoothly through the Square Reader without having to stop midway. A compartment on the back of the case allows for the Reader to be stored when not in use. Aesthetically, the case isn’t attractive, but it’s designed to be functional.

Expect to see plenty of more cases and accessories for Square like this in the future. Griffin’s case is the first to get the “Works with Square” stamp of approval, a new program Square is launching to encourage third-party accessories for merchants. It sounds a lot like Apple’s Made For iPhone program, which is the official channel accessory makers have to go through if they want to be in Apple’s good graces.

Square’s card reader was just recently redesigned, and Griffin’s case is made for the new model. The Merchant is compatible with the 5 and 5s. It’s available for preorder online now for $19.99, and orders start shipping in a couple weeks.