Square’s Newest Piece Of Hardware Turns Your iPad Into A Cash Register




Square is quickly becoming one of the most convenient and coolest ways for small businesses to process transactions. If you’ve ever visited a shop that uses Square you’ve probably seen a number of improvised iPad cash registers, but Square just debuted its own iPad register called Square Stand.

The Square Stand will go on sale starting June 8th for $299, but you can already pre-order it on Square’s website. The new hardware is to be utilized in conjunction with the Square Register app that is already used by thousands of businesses across the country.

If you were hoping to use your iPad mini with the Square stand you’ll have to wait though. The new device only supports Apple’s 30-pin connector, and will fit the iPad 2 and iPad 3. A Lightning connector version should come out later this year.

With its featured card reader the Square Stand gives business a more professional looking register that’s designed specifically for the iPad. You can also lock the device down to your countertop, and the device lets you pivot the iPad so you can adjust the viewing angle.

Square’s CEO Jack Dorsey says the company plans to push the Square Stand hard, as they’ve been in talks to get Starbucks onboard with the device. About 50 percent of Square’s $15 billion in annual payments are conducted through an iPad.


Source: Square