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KEECKER Is A Multimedia R2-D2 Controlled By Your iPhone [CES 2014]


(Credit: Keecker)
(Credit: Keecker)

CES 2014 bugParisian tech company KEECKER promises to let users project movies, listen to music, surf the Internet, make video calls and play videogames through a new smartphone innovation.

So far, so normal, you might think. Instead of simply acting as a universal remote control for the devices around you, however, KEECKER offers this functionality courtesy of your very own personal robot!

Equipped with powerful video-projection and 360-degree audio- and video-capture systems, KEECKER (which the good folks at Giga OM point out looks a whole lot like a certain Star Wars droid) trundles alongside users on motorized wheels, turning any surface into a screen in the process.

Sound too good to be true? Users will have to wait until Q4 this year to find out, when the (potentially revolutionary) device — which is 16 inches wide, 25 inches tall, packs one terabyte of storage and carries a price tag in the $4,000 to $5,000 region — will be launched. Price includes the robot itself, the necessary app (iOS, Android and Web) and a recharge base.

KEECKER also plans to publish an open API so developers can create apps to extend KEECKER’s functionality even further.

Source: CNet