Samsung Releases What Might Be The Worst Ad Of 2013 [Video]


Samsung may have been ordered to pay Apple $290 million in patent infringement damages, but one thing the tech company hasn’t managed to steal is Apple’s knack for good advertizing.

In a holiday season in which Apple has released its effective and genuinely tear-jerking “Misunderstood” iPhone ad, the best Samsung can manage is a Galaxy Gear smart watch commercial that would have looked cheesy in 1982 — which is where we presume the creative team behind this campaign must have been summoned from.

We could explain the ad to you in detail, but you’re far better off watching it yourself for the full stomach-curdling effect.

Needless to say, when your best moments are the line “Hey, pretty lady. It’s me: Jack” followed by a snowboarding montage you’re pretty much in no man’s land. Which is presumably what Samsung realized — since both ratings and comments have been disabled on the official YouTube version of the commercial.

The ad has been roundly slated elsewhere though — with multiple sources referring to this as either the worst ad of the holidays, or of 2013 as a whole.

Kind of makes you look back on Apple’s advertizing missteps with fondness, doesn’t it?

Certainly Apple has to be learning all kinds of lessons from Samsung’s Galaxy Gear tribulations for the (rumored) release of its own eventual smart watch.

  • Junaidkureshi

    oh shamesung, you cant make anything by yourself

  • SonsofAres

    “Wanna see something cool? It’s a picture of my genitals I took with my watch! Mind if I stalk you on the slopes?” Couldn’t make it past the 1 min mark.

  • TheAMReport

    How did anyone let this project get past preproduction…?

  • Dean

    Strangely makes me WANT to be Geek Dick Tracy… for maybe a week…

  • ctrla1tde1

    my friend has one and the funny thing is that when he’s on call, you can’t tell the time.

  • SupaMac

    Apple blocks comments and ratings on their youtube videos too…

  • HerbalEd

    Not only was it terrible, but it went on and on and on and ….

    At least they got the watch geeks name right …. Dick … as in “What a ____.”