All Apps Must Be Optimized For iOS 7 By February, Apple Says



Apple has announced that developers must ensure that all app submissions are optimized for iOS 7 by February 1, 2014, according to a new posting on its developer portal.

This includes both new apps and updates to existing ones. In order to optimize apps for the new OS, they must be built with the latest version of Xcode 5 — which includes 64-bit support, and access to features such as backgrounding APIs.

A full list of Apple’s iOS 7 UI guidelines can be read here.

Apple has been pushing developers to support the latest versions of its OS faster than ever over the past several years.

In this capacity, the company has been promoting its high adoption rates for new iOS versions — with Cult of Mac previously reporting that iOS 7 currently enjoys take-up rates of around 74 percent. (Compare that with the latest version of Android, KitKat, which is running on just 1.1 percent of devices.)

Knowing how fastidious Apple is about design, the rapid push to ensure iOS 7 optimization also likely has to do with the fact that this version of iOS changed Apple’s interface design language: dropping the skeumorphism of iOS 6 for a flatter, more minimalistic aesthetic.

Source: Apple

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  • Matt Perkins

    It’s a good idea in theory that Apple does this but there will be so many developers of current apps/games that will leave their apps/games for dead over optimizing their apps/games for iOS 7. I think a better move would be to make developers update their current apps/games (like say any app/game less than 2 years old must be updated and optimized for iOS 7) before allowing them to release new ones. This would stop developers like Kairosoft or Simogo from releasing an app/game and then never updating it again. Because their choice would be abandon iOS altogether or update their older apps/games.