Meet The iPhone Air & iPhone 6c (The ‘C’ Stands For Curve) [Video]


Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 6.58.05 AM

Next year, Apple will release the eighth-generation iPhone, the iPhone 6 (yes, it’s weird), and if Appke has shown us anything in the past, we can expect it to be even thinner than the iPhone 5-series of devices, especially now that Apple has finally mastered IGZO display technology with the new iPad mini and iPad Air.

So what will the iPhone 6 look like? The designers at SET Solution wanted to know, so they imagined an iPhone Air that is just 1.5mm thin and 70 grams in weight, with an edge-to-edge display and a slightly larger screen size. It’s an improbable design, but interesting to see what people are expecting.

At the same time, they imagined an iPhone 6c where the ‘C’ stands for curve, not color. It looks a bit silly, but we know Apple is working on curved displays for future iPhones.

Check out those videos after the jump.


  • Adrayven


  • gerardvongevers

    I for one am not really excited by the idea of curved phones. Just the idea of keeping them in my pocket does not seem very practical to me. I hope I am wrong.

  • Junaidkureshi

    Its beautiful, but these concept makers should keep one thing in mind that is it possible to get 1.5mm thickness, they should make one with keeping in mind the reality as well. And 6c is a joke and ugly

  • lwdesign1

    Unless battery technology has taken a HUGE leap forward, I don’t know of any way any phone could even approach the thinness of the iPhone 6 in the first video. The edges of the phone in the render look like dangerous knife edges and not the exquisitely engineered bevels we’re used to on iPhones. Another factor has to be considered with a phone as thin as pictured: strength. The phone shown in the video would need to be solid aluminum alloy to prevent being bent by accidentally sitting on it.
    I see absolutely no reason to curve the 5c design and make it thinner and weaker in the middle. Form follows function, and the curved screen offers no observable benefits that I can see. Fortunately Apple’s designers are good at both ergonomics, strength and functionality, and neither of these phone mockups (or anything close to them) will be available from Apple in the foreseeable future.

  • TwoWheelsDC

    What about the headphone jack? The render is 3mm thick at the base, but a standard headphone jack is 3.5mm, and that’s just for the plug itself. For all practical purposes, the phone probably couldn’t be much thinner than probably 5mm if it’s going to have a standard 3.5mm jack. Unless Apple makes up a new headphone jack standard (not totally implausible), or reverts back to the old 2.5mm jacks (please god no), I can’t see phones getting too much thinner than the 5/5S.

  • TylerHoj

    I think people are blowing these rumours about curved glass out of proportion. If Apple does apply curved glass, it will most likely be something of a slight/modest curve, and only at the edge of the display. From a design standpoint the next iPhone will probably become two seamless surfaces like we see in a lot of mobile Apple devices today, and haven’t seen since the first iPhone. Slap a slightly larger screen in there while also modestly reducing the bezel size, and there’s your new iPhone 6 folks. Because THAT’S the technology that will be made available for consumers in 2014. Not some thinly designed wedge of nothing that isn’t even technologically possible right now.

  • bobseverns

    Videos are well done, but both designs are hideously ugly. I predict that SET Solution Srl. will “not” be asked to aid in Apple product design in the future.