Analyst Claims That Apple/Microsoft Merger Is “Absolutely Possible” Within Next Decade



‘Tis the season for speculative fiction, fa la la la la, la la la la.

In an interview with with Fox Business’ Stuart Varney, Money Map Press analyst Keith Fitz-Gerald predicted that not only might Apple and Microsoft want to work together in the near future, but that a merger in the next 5-10 years is entirely possible.

What would prompt this “unthinkable but absolutely possible deal”? Well, according to Fitz-Gerald the answer is the joint threat presented by both Google/Android and Facebook.

He went on to elaborate that — while this all absolute speculation on his part (you don’t say?) — if you examine what Apple wants to accomplish with its mobile market and Microsoft’s initiative, there is a cross-polarization of devices.

With both content and, increasingly, security being king — as well as the trend toward having all devices connected — an Apple and Microsoft merger would be the logical move for everyone.

Yeah, we’re still trying to figure this one out.

Source: Yahoo News

  • Adrayven

    Why would Apple want to drag itself down with Microsoft? Thats a horrible idea.. Microsoft has a failing echo-system.. as desktops/laptops die.. other OS’s move in.. Ubuntu is actually gaining ground.. Hell, Ubuntu has a mobile initiative, I’d say that would be a better fit for Apple.. At least theirs is a unique approach to mobile.

    Just because they have a mobile phone doesn’t mean they are a good fit.

  • OS2toMAC

    I don’t think this will happen, but if it did would it bring to life “The Simpson’s” “Mapple” ??

  • iRikal

    Did someone give him a sobriety test before going on with this prediction? Trippy… i fail to see the gain for ANY of the 2 companies….

  • Taojones_1

    how possibly could these two cultures work microsoft the king of mediocraty . the design by committiee kings .the make it work for every hardware philosophy that created the software equivalent of the port of authority bus station bathrooms .How could that live alongside the pristine design philosophy and well sandboxed approach of apple . we have felix and oscar here. why would apple merge with something that will come to them in time anyway . PLUS remember Gates investing in apple to keep it alive ! his motivation besides the mac divisions software sales was to avoid monopoly charges which were in the air back then quite a bit .

  • melgross

    Well, while I can’t speculate about five years from now, though you never know, ten years is a long time in the world of tech. We don’t know what the landscape will look like then.

  • Gregory Wright

    Apple working with or merging with Microsoft – not going to happen. Microsoft is a flea to Apple. Apple, if the price is right, might buy Microsoft just to get rid of the itch.

  • adology

    I see an acquisition of Yahoo! being far more likely. As Taojones_1 already pointed out, the two corporate cultures of Apple and Microsoft are not compatible.

  • Elwoodgray

    “Where content and security is king”, and Apple would merge with MIcroSoft because MS has such a great track record in the categories(?). I think MicroSoft will split up before any merger might happen. MS is doing well in gaming and I wouldn’t right them off in phones. Apple might absorb some of their software staples like Office.