Apple Stores To Answer Everything You Wanted to Know About Code (But Were Afraid to Ask)



Steve Jobs once said in an interview that everyone in America should learn programming.

Well, if you’re interested in coding, but don’t know where to start, your local Apple Store may be the place for you.

Over the weekend, Apple announced plans to support Computer Science Education Week (December 9 – 15) by offering a one-hour introduction to computer science in a workshop at its brick and mortar stores.

Called the Hour of Code campaign, the introductory course — aimed at “10 million students of all ages” — is designed to make code less intimidating by showing that anyone can learn programming at a basic level.

“The ability to code and understand the power of computing is crucial to success in today’s hyper-connected world,” says former Vice President and Apple board of directors member Al Gore.

Apple Retail Stores will also host one-hour workshops for children and teens throughout the United States on December 11.

Source: Apple