WhatsApp’s Upcoming iOS 7 Update Gets Shown Off Early [Video]



Given that it’s one of the biggest and most successful third-party messaging platforms available on mobile, you might be wondering why WhatsApp still hasn’t been updated for iOS 7 — more than two months after the software’s public release, and over five months after it was first made available to developers. (I certainly am.)

But the update — complete with a fancy redesign — is on its way, and you can get an early glimpse at it in the hands-on video below.

The video comes from German YouTube channel ITRaidDE, so many of you may have no idea what the presenter is talking about — but that’s okay. It’s essentially exactly the same WhatsApp app you’re already using — there are no groundbreaking new features — but with a design refresh that better suits iOS 7’s new look.

It’s not quite as pretty as the WhatsApp concept we saw back in September, but it’s certainly a huge improvement over the current look, which is starting to look very ugly and outdated.

It’s worth noting that the black keyboard seen in the video isn’t the default keyboard for WhatsApp; the presenter says he is running the new iOS 7.1 beta, which lets you choose between the black and white keyboards as standard. He also mentions that he is unsure when the new update will be made available.

It’s unclear how he got hold of it early, but from what I can tell, the release looks like it’s almost ready for its public release. Hopefully it should be available pretty soon, then.

Source: YouTube

Via: iDownloadBlog