Foxconn Factory To Stop Producing iPhone 5c



It has been reported that that Foxconn Electronics will stop production of the iPhone 5c at its Zhengzhou factory in northern China. This isn’t a sign that Apple is severing ties with Foxconn, however, as the workforce previously working on the iPhone 5c will instead be shifted to work on the iPhone 5s production line.

What it may be suggestive of, though, is that iPhone 5c sales are proving unsatisfactory, with the same report stating that Apple lowered overall iPhone 5c orders from Foxconn by almost one-third, while also cutting orders from fellow iPhone manufacturers Pegatron by 20 percent.

Foxconn is supposedly producing between 8,000-9,000 iPhone 5c units each day currently. The electronics contracting manufacturer has declined to comment.

Source: DigiTimes