LastPass App Gets Updated For iOS 7


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If you have a lot of passwords — and who doesn’t these days — LastPass is one of the best, free ways to keep track of them on all your devices. With iOS 7, though, the old LastPass app was looking a little long in the tooth. It needed a new coat of paint. And now the iOS 7 update is here.

Boasting a fresh new look for iOS 7, LastPass is as great an app as it ever was, and arguably better. Boasting field icon menus, access to your passwords using the in-app browser is easier than ever, and you can even share logins with up to five users with the Shared Family Folder.

If you’re an enterprise user, it gets even better, offering even more shared folder features. LastPass for Applications has also been revamped, as well allowing you to view the history of your Secure Notes, not just the latest iteration. You even get AirPrint support.

If you’re a LastPass user, it’s a good update. You can download it now from the iTunes App Store.

Source: iTunes

  • bounou

    Just got it this week, the auto login feature is awesome! I should of done this years ago!