Apple Quietly Updates OS X Mavericks GM With Bug Fixes Before Public Release



Apple has quietly updated the OS X Mavericks developer GM to a new build number ahead of the software’s imminent public release. The new build number is 13A603 while the original seed is 13A598.

9to5Mac first spotted the change and made the point that Apple has silently updated GM builds in the past right before a big release. The GM is the final version of Apple’s developer software that ends up shipping to the public. Those currently running the first Mavericks GM won’t see an update for the new build in the Mac App Store, but it is available as a direct download from the Dev Center.

“We don’t know exactly what the bugs are, just that this was not a ‘planned’ update and that some last minute patches were the cause, but that it was also not a mistake,” adds TechCrunch.

Mavericks has been in developer beta all summer in preparation for its expected release after Tuesday’s iPad event.

Source: 9to5Mac

Via: TechCrunch