It’s Official! Apple Announces Special Event For October 22nd



It’s official. Apple just send out press invites for an event on October 22nd where the company is expected to reveal its new lineup of iPads. The invite features the top of the Apple logo with the tagline, “we still have a lot to cover,” perhaps hinting that we’ll see a lot more than just iPads.

The keynote is set to kickoff at 10AM PT. Expect the unveiling of the fifth-gen iPad with faster internals (including the 64-bit A7 chip from the 5s) and a slimmer design. The second-gen iPad mini is also rumored to come with faster specs and a more lightweight exterior, and depending on who you ask, it will also have a Retina display. If the mini does go Retina, expect supplies to be incredibly constrained throughout the holidays.

Source: AllThingsD

  • gibear2k5

    It looks like leaves are falling and covering the ground…it must mean that prices are falling across the board!!! yup…I know, a pretty big S T R E T C H…

  • joshua_r_cooper

    I hope by “cover” they are going to cover my wrist with a cra-mazing iWatch

  • Rjp9200

    Maybe all of the colors are hinting at “cover”ing the iPad with a cheapo “c” line. Just my two cents. All I’m really hoping to see out of this event is some sort major of Apple TV refresh. Hardware or software or both. Apple really needs to abandon the “pet project” approach to the living room and instead do something to revolutionize it.
    The last major version update did not show us the “grand vision” that Cook said the company had for television back in May.

  • patrickahles

    I guess they’re gonna cover a lot of pixels!

  • CannabisTVorg

    How is it that a very minor incremental yearly upgrade to the iPad warrants a “special event”? This is the type of stupidity that keeps me away from the cult of Mac and Apple in general. Feels like the people on Facebook posting about how their kid “can go potty in the toilet now!” Nobody cares, its not special.

  • prabjotusa

    I want some apple event backgrounds, because this invite looks nice & get it:
    leaves -> a lot to cover LOL