iPhone 5s Is Best-Selling Smartphone, While iPhone 5c Comes In 2nd or 3rd



What’s the best selling smartphone in America right now? Duh. It’s the iPhone 5s. And the iPhone 5c? Either second place or third place at every carrier.

That’s the data coming out of a new report by Canaccord Genuity’s T. Michael Walkley, who noted to clients on Friday: “Our September surveys indicated very strong initial sales and back orders for the iPhone 5s and strong iPhone 5c sales at the four tier-1 U.S. carriers and also in international markets.”

There have been a lot of complaints that the iPhone 5c isn’t selling as briskly as Apple hoped, but Canaccord’s data suggests that this may be an exaggeration, as it is either the second or third best selling smartphone at all U.S. carriers right now.

There are other explanations. Since the iPhone 5c is identical in everything except aluminum shell to the iPhone 5s, Apple likely was able to produce plenty of iPhone 5c’s for launch, leading to more first day inventory than we usually expect from Apple launches. Or it could just show how badly other smartphones sell in the grand scheme of things compared to the iPhone.

Source: Fortune