Evernote’s New Post-It Camera Makes Your Stickies Searchable



The Evernote iOS app has gotten another big update, barely a week after it was revamped for iOS 7 and made useful again. The news today is the new Post-It camera, which now lets you scan the yellow sticky squares right into your Evernotes.


The integration is slick, built in to the existing camera. Now you have three alternatives when you snap a new photos: regular photo, document or Post-It. The three modes are switched just like in the new iOS 7 camera: by swiping left and right. I couldn’t test it out as I don’t have any sticky notes to hand, or even buried in the apartment somewhere (I looked), but the app screenshots show the stickies looking great virtually stuck on your iPad’s screen.

Weirdly, the iPhone’s flash is forced on for Post-It and document scans, and forced off got regular pictures. Despite this lack of control, the app still displays the standard flash auto/on/off controls, a bug I expect will be fixed soon enough.

This release goes hand-in-hand with Evernote’s new Post-It notes, which come in a pack containing four colors, and can be arranged in special dispensers. Color is important as you can have Evernote auto-process different-colored notes, adding alarms, tags or filing in a certain notebook.

This is pretty great, and in the last week Evernote went from being an interesting, text-processing back end back to being an essential app on my first home screen.

Source: Evernote Blog