Evernote To Launch Branded Post-It Notes



Here’s an idea to file in your Evernote app under “Why didn’t anyone do this before?”: Evernote Post-It notes. That’s right; Evernote has teamed up with 3M to offer multi-colored, Evernote-branded sticky notes which can be scanned into the app to save, well, forever.

The implementation details are scarce as there has not yet been an announcement from Evernote itself, but Evernote CEO Phil Libin told the Wall Street Journal that there will be multiple colors of notes, and that you can assigne colors to different in-app categories for auto filing when they’re scanned using your iPhone’s camera.

He also hinted that off-brand notes would work (the Evernote notes are distinguished only by the Evernote elephant-head logo it seems), which will let you digitize all those curled-up yellow squares adorning your monitor. My guess is that there will be an app update that’ll let the camera recognize and process the colored squares.

This is great, and way more useful than the Evernote Moleskine. There’s even a bonus: Each pack comes with a one-month subscription to Evernote Premium, so if you buy a pack a month then you can get all your hand-scrawled notes bumped to the front of the handwriting-recognition queue without paying any extra.

Available soon.

Source: WSJ