Gold iPhone 5s Gets Into A Gunfight With A .50 Cal Rifle – Guess Who Wins? [Video]



Now that everyone has had a solid day or three to play with their shiny new iPhones, the Internet is ready with its customary wave of iPhone destruction videos.

We’ve already seen a number of durability tests, but RatedRR takes its testing to the extreme with its annual iPhone X vs .50 Cal Rifle test. The slo-mo shot of the bullet splitting the length of the gold iPhone 5s is pretty spectacular, if not the perfect celebration of American Consumerism, but why don’t they mix it up with like a bazooka, or ion cannon, or wheelchair-bomb once in a while?

  • technochick

    This sort of thing pisses me off. Of course the phone is going to be damaged by having a bullet fired into it. That’s an easy thing to sort out. So why bother with this ‘test’. And then to do it with a model that is one of the highest in demand and lowest in supply is just double maddening. There is someone out there waiting up to weeks for a phone or who settled for a different color because these clowns bought a phone they fully intended to destroy.

  • bondr006

    I’d like to see this guy pass the 50 caliber test. Safe to bet he wouldn’t fair any better than the iPhone. These tests are stupid and meaningless. Spend the time testing the high caliber stuff on armor plating and other appropriate stuff. That would get my respect. But this stupid shit….Not so much.

  • ElyMantz

    i couldn’t agree more. shooting the iphone, blending the iphone, etc. is just stupid. people who need to wave around big guns to show how tough they aren’t worth our time. next time they should take the money they spent on the iphone and donate it to a veterans charity to help out people who have used guns for a real purpose, not to act like a dick with them.

  • _RacerX_

    I know who lost: the idiot who just destroyed his iPhone 5S. No awesome iPhone goodness for you!

  • trex67

    I agree that these videos are juvenile. You know who thinks they’re cool? My 10 and 13 year old boys. That is who these stunts are targeting. They love Apple gear but watching stuff blow up or destroyed is apparently even cooler. My expressions of disgust are useless in the face of gratuitous violence on inanimate objects. Maybe I was the same at their age…

  • shamus109

    I blame Apple for not making the phone bullet proof. When are they going to step up their game already!

  • AnthonyOMeally

    The thing that upsets me is that HTC, Nokia, Samsung, LG and others lunch phones every other day, but these types of stupid strength tests are only done when the iPhone launches. The 5th estate has become a joke in every aspect and in every subject.

  • Bear

    How stupid and juvenile. “Watch us destroy the iPhone you weren’t able to get just because we can!”

    Shame on Cult of Mac for even giving these idiots publicity,

  • koban4max81

    it’s pretty messed up to buy the gold version just to destroy it..but you know what? who cares? this guy bought it…so it’s his right to do whatever he wants to do with it. People should stop caring about what others do.

  • lwdesign1

    Shock value. There are those whose major purpose in life is to cause shock and disorientation in others. Also, they like to destroy things. A relatively large segment of the general population is more interested in destruction than constructive activities. These are the same group who are so numbed by life that only major shocks and explosions give them any pleasure. If you asked them “what can you create?” you’d probably get a completely blank stare in return. If you want to lead a happy life, surround yourself with highly capable and creative people who still find life in general, and their various activities, professions and hobbies interesting and worthwhile. Steer clear of the people who need to have disruptions to let them know they’re alive.

  • ghyde

    My guess would be they got AppleCare+ and planned on replacing the ill-fated phone for $79 to do this prank!