The Ultimate iPhone 5 Destruction Video Gallery



Humans have progressed a long way since the days of “Will It Blend?” Rather than just tossing an iPhone into a blender, we now have dozens of ways we like to watch the iPhone get destroyed on YouTube. After the iPhone 5 was released on Friday the internet went to work on different ways to destroy it – like having an NBA player dunk it, blowing it up in a microwave, or shooting it with a .50 caliber rifle.

Here are  the best iPhone 5 destruction videos:

 iPhone 5 “Will It Dunk?” with the Knicks’ Iman Shumpert

iPhone 5 versus .50 Caliber bullet

Microwaving The New iPhone 5


Via: Gizmodo

  • thekirbylover

    But will it blend?

  • kavok

    Actually I DON’T like seeing how people destroy stuff. Really it must be nice to have so much money they can throw away several hundred dollars for stupidity, when there are people out there that could have actually benefited from the money. Now if it was a scientific study on the durability of something, that’s different. These are just people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. More like 15 minutes of LAME.

  • B066Y

    I’m not a huge fan of the iPhone 5, but these types of videos are such a waste of money and good technology.

  • Buster

    @thekirbylover want to try it yourself?