App Developers Double Dip By Charging For iOS 7 Updates


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  • tool022611

    If you already paid for the first one, they should only charge maybe 25% for the update. Just because apple updates the OS doesn’t mean the user should have to pay double for a app they already paid for. I understand devs need to make money but if they want people using their apps to make the popular, they shouldn’t double dip their already loyal customers.

  • Floyd Style

    tool: they have no way to update their app and having a way for existing customer buying the update for less. So their only option is to make a separate app and charge the full price since they have to way to tell if the buyer is a new customer or an existing one for them :(

    Personally, with the price they charge for their app, most of the time 1-4$, I have don’t mind at all paying again. I like beautiful design and app that gets updated often. So I personally pay for that.

  • LDMartin1959

    If developers want people to have to pay all over again for something they’ve already bought, it had better be FAR MORE than just a new coat of paint on the same app. As a rule, I never pay full price twice for something. Seems to me they could put out an update to existing users which becomes a ‘freemium’ version with a reduced inapp “upgrade” fee while charging full price for new downloads. But that might be a bit too ‘customer service’ oriented for people whose primary thought is, MONEY, MONEY, MORE MONEY!!!

  • Virco

    Developers should be charging only for major updates that bring significant functional improvements to their apps, not just compatibility with an OS update that is offered for free by the hardware manufacturer.
    It’s not a matter of cost but a matter of principle. Charge for your work and creativity, don’t piggyback the work of others!

  • rsalermo

    I’m in. I’ll pay for upgrades for those apps that I value. That is what sets our community apart from the others.

  • Gregory Wright

    Developers should get paid for the work they have to put into updating their apps. It sickens me that some want stuff free off the sweat others.

  • Bulldogger123

    I’m in. I’ll pay for upgrades for those apps that I value. That is what sets our community apart from the others.

    Exactly, pay for “updates” not for the whole app again.

  • Timothy Williamson

    I have no problem paying again for an app that receives a significant iOS 7-style UI update. Especially at these ridiculously low prices that developers charge, I’m all for supporting them.

  • Ianthetechman

    I would have no problem paying for a app again, we cannot expect developers to work for nothing can we ?

  • RyanTV

    One of the big reasons I’ve never tried an Android phone is because I didn’t want to re-buy all of my apps. If that isn’t the case anymore, maybe now is a good time to switch.