Google Resurrects Snapseed On The Mac — In The Browser


Snapseed -- in the browser!
Snapseed -- in the browser!

If you never downloaded the free Snapseed app for OS X before Google axed it, then you have a second chance – as long as you;re using Google’s Chrome browser anyway. Google+ added a browser-based version of Snapseed to its flailing social network.

Make no mistake – this is literally Snapseed in the browser, complete with Nik’s u-point tech for selective adjustments, the fantastic Drama tool, the light-leaking Retrolux filter and all the rest. And as such, it might just be the best online editing tool around. Even on my several-years old iMac it’s fast. Faster than the native app in fact, and it also has the advantage of having the latest features (the Snapseed OS X app doesn’t have Retrolux or selective adjust, for example). In fact, I’d say it’s actually way better than native the app ever was.

Will it work in Safari? Nope. I even tried spoofing the Chrome user agent and the editor won’t load. Yet another reason to install Chrome on the Mac I guess, although it still suffers from using slower Javascript on iOS.

Go check it out. You get the new features by opening up a photo in Google+ and hitting the Edit button.

Source: Google+