Apple Sued By Breaking Bad Fans Over False Season Pass Claims



Apple has been targeted by a class action lawsuit for falsely advertising a Season Pass for the final season of Breaking Bad. The season was split into two parts, but those who purchased a Season Pass were angered when they discovered that the eight episodes included in the second part were not included, and that they would have to pay extra to get them.

The complaint, filed by Noam Lazebnik of Ohio, claims Apple engaged in false advertising by not including all 16 episodes of the final Breaking Bad season in the iTunes Season Pass. Lazebnik wants to recover the $22.99 that he and other Breaking Bad fans paid for what they thought would be the entire final season.

Apple states on its Season Pass page that customers will receive “every episode in that season,” so even though the season was split into two parts, fans expected to pay for only one pass. The suit notes that Breaking Bad’s cast and creators have consistently referred to all 16 episodes as “season 5.”

“When a consumer buys a ticket to a football game, he does not have to leave at halftime. When a consumer buys an opera ticket, he does not get kicked out at intermission,” Lazebnik says in the complaint, which can be read below.

Apple Breaking Bad Suit

Via: GigaOM