Viticci’s Editorial Review Was So Long, He Turned It Into This Awesome iBook



Remember Federico Viticci’s review of the amazing new iPad “text editor” Editorial? Of course you do – it’s the one you pushed to your read-later service and never read later, because it was just too damn long for a single post on a website. Hell, the thing even had a table of contents. A blog post with a table of contents.

Now, though, you can enjoy Viticci’s opus in a form much better suited to a long text with multiple sections: a book. And being an Apple nerd, Viticci made it into an iBook.

Editorial is the amazing new tool for the iPad which combines a beautiful markdown text editor with an automator which runs Python. That’s right, you can drag and drop pre-made steps into workflows which will act on your text document, and run Python scripts right there inside them.

Writing On The iPad: Text Automation with Editorial is Viticci’s directors cut of the original post. It has 150 pages (!) and packs in 15 demo videos and 50 downloadable workflows. And the beauty of viewing it on your iPad is that you can tap these workflows and they open directly (via Safari) inside Editorial. Try that with a paper book.

Now that this has been turned from a blog post into a manual, I’m much more likely to dip into it for both reference and to find out more about the app. And as it’s an iBooks Author book, it has all the neat navigational aids and highlighting abilities that make iBooks one of the best platforms around for reference texts.

Just be careful. If you are planning to actually get anything done today, don’t go anywhere near page III of the introduction, for that’s where you’ll see Federico’s smouldering portrait staring at you through narrowed eyes, and disabling you with the sexual power of a fully armed and operational Italian love station.

Source: iTunes
Thanks: Federico