Catch Your Significant Other Peeking At Your iPhone Messages [iOS Tips]


To Catch A Sneak

Think your messages are private? Think again!

A Cult of Mac reader, asking to remain anonymous, sent in a tip about how he caught his girlfriend reading Messages on his iPhone.

Privacy is important to this fellow, but he suspected that his love was sneaking peeks at his text and iMessages.

So he took a couple of steps to catch her in the act.

First of all, he closed all his apps. You can do this by double-clicking the Home button. Then, tap and hold on one of the app icons that slides up as part of the multitasking bar to get the famous wiggle effect. Tap on each of the red circles with the white minus sign in there to remove the apps from the recent apps list.

Then, leave your iPhone out where your sneaky partner can find it. Our intrepid reader left it for her to find while he was in the shower. Here’s what he said:

Then after I took a shower…
I double clicked the home button and saw that she had opened my texts.
(she also opened the weather but that’s perfectly fine)

If you launch your iPhone after a period of time like our reader did, you’ll be able to know what apps were opened. Luckily, our friend said that he had nothing to hide, and,”When I told her that I knew, she admitted to it and we’re cool.” So that’s cool.

Hopefully, his girlfriend won’t know it’s him, but if she reads this and finds out, we really want to know what she was checking the Weather for. If that was you, leave a message in the comments below. We promise to keep it private (not really).

  • chriscrk

    lol I do this sometimes when I lend my phone to other people. But I mean, she could have opened the app by mistake anyway so it’s not definite proof of anything.

  • plaztiksoundz

    I think there’s a flaw here. What if after checking his messages his girlfriend just simply closed all his apps again? He would never know.
    I think a better method would be having LOTS of open apps in the multitasking tray. Because as soon as you open an app, that app jumps for number 1 position in your multitasking tray. If you have 50 apps open, if messages was on the 4th or 5th screen of multitasking, when you come back it would have jumped position to the first screen. Even if she opened a couple of apps afterwards, the only way to make the messages app go back to the 4th or 5th screen, would be open cycle all the other apps. And if you have a girlfriend that would go to all that trouble just to check your msgs, i think it’s time you get another girlfriend.

  • DinaMoHum

    Why not just put a strong password on your phone, and tell your girlfriend to keep her grubby hands off of it. That is what a Man would do!!!!

  • aslguy

    This useless article starts with an assumption of a level of ignorance on the part of the girlfriend. Why even bother posting this? Slow news day?

  • Steven Quan

    All you need to keep people off your Phone is a password. No point in going through all this.

  • vashisht0429

    This is the epitome of a pointless article. Good work bro….