Hands-On Video Compares Gold iPhone 5S With Blue iPhone 5C


Gold 5S and 5C

Next-gen iPhone parts have been leaking like crazy this summer. There’s a new component or shell leak nearly every day now. Two new iPhone models, the 5C and 5S, are expected to come out this fall, and a new hands-on video compares the devices side by side.

AppAdvice is claiming its video shows “what may be Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C,” but at this point it’s a pretty safe bet that what is shown is legit. The iPhone 5 is also included for comparison’s sake. We’ve seen the blue iPhone 5C shell before, and the gold champagne 5C has been the most annoying relentless Apple rumor for the past few weeks.

The most interesting color-related iPhone rumor in recent memory is that there will be a fourth, graphite color for the iPhone 5S. Whatever the case, it’s about to be a colorful fall for Apple.

Source: AppAdvice