In Case You Needed To See More Leaked Parts: iPhone 5C In Blue


Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 4.09.52 PM

At this point in the rumor cycle, it would be easier to list things we don’t know about the iPhone 5C. Apple’s lower-cost model will likely be announced alongside the 5S on September 10, and it will probably look a lot like the iPhone 5. The main difference is the plastic shell, which will reportedly come in several colors.

We’ve seen leaked parts for just about every 5C color already, and now some closeup images have surfaced of a blue shell.

What you see above comes from Tactus, a reliable parts leaker that was one of the first to go hands-on with 5C parts earlier this year. The company’s sources are saying Apple will offer the 5C in white, black, red, yellow, blue and green. The iPod touch currently sells in black, white, pink, yellow, blue and red.

Source: Tactus

  • AnthonyOMeally

    Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok 5C, colors, plastic, low cost.
    We get it. You’ve only got 25 days left until the announcement.
    You guys sure do know how to take all the fun out of these things.

  • QJeremiah

    Can’t somebody just take these guys out in the desert, with a showel, and…..

  • GilbertRoss9

    Come on guys…no need to be so harsh damn it! Alex is a tech news contributor and he’s obviously following heat maps of what news people are hungry for.