The More We See Of 2K Drive, The More Freaking Psyched We Get



At this point, 2K Games is the most hotly anticipated iOS game publisher in existence. They’ve done huge things on the iPad, like bringing a full-on console game to the iPad with XCOM: Enemy Unknown and helping develop legend Sid Meier’s latest strategy game, Ace Patrol — which just happens to be iPad-only. Now it looks like they’re set to take the whole iPad auto-racing genre and blow it out of the water with their latest project, 2K Drive, developed by Lucid Games.

Take a look at the latest developer’s diary teaser clip (above), with its crazy soccer ball-dribbling driving, Bonneville Salt Flats land-speed record car and a Mazda Miata driving on what looks like a wooden roller-coaster platform, and you’ll see what I mean.

It doesn’t look like Lucid skimps on the more down-to-earth fare, either. A delicious variety of cars make an appearance — a ’67 Camaro, Datsun 280Z, Ford GT and McLaren MP4-12C, along with more mundane models like the Fiat 500 — and there seems to be a good helping of customization options too.

As a former car nut who used to dabble in amateur auto racing, I’m vexed that (one or two examples notwithstanding) there’s a real lack of nitty-gritty driver’s games available for the iPad. If Lucid Games can make the driving experience in 2K Drive half as good as the rest of the game looks (there’s a promising bit halfway through the clip where Lucid Games’ Dan Stoneley talks about oversteer as a car is powered through a corner) they’ll have a huge winner on their hands. If not, at least it’ll be fun to look at.

2K Drive is expected this fall.

Source: 2K Games