‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ On Sale, Updates WIth New Second Wave Features



One of the finer console ports to date, XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been raising expectations of mobile gamers since its release last month. It’s almost the exact same game as its Mac, PC, and console versions, bringing deep strategic gameplay and a brilliantly conceived science fictional world to the iOS platform.

Today, though, XCOM: Enemy Unknown got an update, and a bit of a price drop. It’s now $14.99, down from $19.99, and has a whole new way to play: Second Wave.

The Second Wave content was released as downloadable content (DLC) at the beginning of this year for the console and computer versions of the game. The DLC lets players tweak different settings for the game, adding some new mechanics and systems to make things more interesting on replay.

Second Wave includes random character stats, increased damage from weapons, and other options that can be unlocked after completing the game on different difficulty levels.

Other new content includes improved touch controls, the ability to skip videos (important with repeated playthroughs), improved memory usage on lower-end devices to reduce crashes (2K recommends iPhone 5 and iPad 4 as devices, but XCOM will run on iPad mini and above), added save data protection when in Ironman Mode, and extra Panic Level info when engaged in Abduction Encounters. Oh, and some minor bug fixes.

If you’re looking for a great console-level gaming experience on your iPad, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a fantastic place to start, especially with the five dollars off sale happening right now. If you’re already an XCOM expert, grab the free update and try out some Second Wave content while you’re at it.

Source: App Store
Via: TouchArcade

  • Rygaard

    The game is broke – there is no way ill get expansions !
    the list is super long here is a few things :

    why cant i name my saved games they had that figured out in the 1994 version

    Game play:
    completed the game (3 times now), i had a total of 3 ufo attack, the only time i needed new aircraft and 1 of the 5 extra aircraft weapons for was final ship i needed to shoot down – due to that I could not research all projects because i simply did not have enough alloys, elerium, and other stuff.
    you need 1 eternal to build Mind Shield – I did only see 1 of thous in each game, and taht body was used to research it…

    the achievement of shooting down 50 ufo would require me to complete the game 17 times – are you insane ?

    I think 80% of all got stuck on first game and spend atleast 5 hours on a broken game, because they did not know that you need engineers above all other things – I had a game were i launched satelites in Europe (=no engineer bonus) and then you are just stuck.. you cant just hire them like in the old game, you are stuck (unless you are lucky to get some by random chance as a mission reward – I did not)

    After the final ship entered orbit – I tryed to go through 2 whole month to see if I could force more UFO’s so i could get more materials, I got 3 terror sites but 0 UFOs

    Combat ishues:
    I used to play the old UFO all 3 of them – and to be honest the 5 megabyte game was PERFECKT – and if you asked me they should just have updated the graphics and keept the game play – now it is 12.000 megabytes that is a 2400 times bigger – and some key features are missing / gone wrong.
    2) WHY cant i shoot were i want to ? – my weapons can make holes in buildings and destroy covers, but i cant fire them unless i see ET – WHY ? (you could in the 1994 version)
    3) When i blow i hole in the wall i cant walk through it (you could in the 1994 version)
    4) When i blow a hole in the wall next to a door sometimes the door also becomes blocked, so you can trap a soldier inside a building – a building that are missing all it walls that is…
    5) When i try to target with grenade or rocket, the camera angle keeps shifting sometimes making it near imposiable to place a shoot because when the screen moves the mouse is over a new spot and as soon as you move mouse towards target area the camera swings back to orginal position, and then you can repeat that 5 or 6 times before you finaly get the 0.001 inch movement correckt. (you could in the 1994 version)
    6) Often when i see multi targets I try to get % from different soldiers, and then deside who shoots who, but often the zoom make it so i cant see HP left -.- (and perhaps i dont want to waste a heavy plasma shoot on a alien with 1 hp left) (you could in the 1994 version)
    7) WHY do my men crawl up on a roof, jump down a building exit a door to move 5 spaces outside, the building, or crawl over a truck instead of going through the open space in the cargo area
    a. I get spooted by aliesns
    b. You cant force him to move different that predetermined path to a cover (you could in the 1994 version)
    8) Why are the aliens so passive ? if you stand on your landing spot nothing will ever hapen (you could NOT do that in the 1994 version)
    9) Why oooohhhh why do the alines get a turn when you first spoot them, and or trigger them ( in the 1994 version they just moved around so you did not need this crazy feature.)
    10) No friendly fire(unless rocket or grenade), and no chance to hit cluster of aliens if you miss main target (you could in the 1994 version)
    11) Really 1 grenade or scope or medkit or arcthrower – no backpack, or pockets ? (you had that in 1994 version were it would then cost time units to take stuff from pocket or backpack)
    12) Why take a perfect system with time units as in 1994 version and replace it with much simpler and dumb version were you can only use 2 actions – and every action cost 1 action and if the action is reloading or firing weapon or using med kit it will end your turn
    13) Why cant i Run and gun with archthrower ?
    14) Why do i hit the aliens weapons every time i shoot and kill but never midfight and why do i ALWAYS hit the weapon on killing blow (in the 1994 version you sometimes hit the weapon and the larger weapon you used the bigger the chance) – But REALLY I ALWAYS DESTROY THE WEAPON upon killing, even when i headshot or shoot in the back ?
    15) Why cant i pick up weapons in fight (you could in the 1994 version)
    16) No ranged stun, only arch thrower ?
    17) What kind of crap ass grenade/rocket can destroy a building but only do 5-6 damage and never critt, when medium gun will do a lot more damage. – Early game don’t stand close in cover or you will die from a grenade – mid-late game hunker up and hope they will throw a grenade instead of killing you with heavy plasma.

    The thing is I could continue like this for hours – the game is broke in so many ways if you ask me