‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ On Sale, Updates WIth New Second Wave Features



One of the finer console ports to date, XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been raising expectations of mobile gamers since its release last month. It’s almost the exact same game as its Mac, PC, and console versions, bringing deep strategic gameplay and a brilliantly conceived science fictional world to the iOS platform.

Today, though, XCOM: Enemy Unknown got an update, and a bit of a price drop. It’s now $14.99, down from $19.99, and has a whole new way to play: Second Wave.

The Second Wave content was released as downloadable content (DLC) at the beginning of this year for the console and computer versions of the game. The DLC lets players tweak different settings for the game, adding some new mechanics and systems to make things more interesting on replay.

Second Wave includes random character stats, increased damage from weapons, and other options that can be unlocked after completing the game on different difficulty levels.

Other new content includes improved touch controls, the ability to skip videos (important with repeated playthroughs), improved memory usage on lower-end devices to reduce crashes (2K recommends iPhone 5 and iPad 4 as devices, but XCOM will run on iPad mini and above), added save data protection when in Ironman Mode, and extra Panic Level info when engaged in Abduction Encounters. Oh, and some minor bug fixes.

If you’re looking for a great console-level gaming experience on your iPad, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a fantastic place to start, especially with the five dollars off sale happening right now. If you’re already an XCOM expert, grab the free update and try out some Second Wave content while you’re at it.

Source: App Store
Via: TouchArcade