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WordPress For iOS Updated With Native Reader And Better Account Management



WordPress has released an update to its iOS app that introduces several improvements. Most notably, the app has a new Reader experience for reading posts from followed blogs, liked posts, favorite topics, etc. Automatiic, the company behind WordPress, has also streamlined how the app handles multiple accounts.

“The original Reader was a hybrid approach — some native code wrapping what was essentially a webpage and lots of JavaScript,” said Automatiic in a blog post today announcing the update. “It served us well, but there were places where embracing a fully native experience offers better performance. Version 3.7 introduces a new Reader built with 100% native code. It’s very fast and beautiful to look at.”

Behind the scenes changes have made the app smarter at “connecting to multiple services including your blog, Jetpack, the Reader, and notification features.” Admin view also opens in Safari instead of the app itself.

Today’s release is one of the first updates to come out for WordPress on iOS since Automatiic acquired Poster, the premiere third-party WordPress client in the App Store. Expect Poster’s feature set and design aesthetic to keep informing the official WordPress app moving forward. Automatiic is currently working on a big update for iOS 7.

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