Flowboard Can Now Be Used With Leap Motion Control On The Mac



Two dazzling innovations we’re pretty enthused about have melded, as Flowboard becomes one of the first apps to integrate Leap Motion into its Mac platform.

As Flowboard CEO Brent Brookler demonstrates in the clip above, anyone with an $80 Leap Motion sensor can now navigate through Flowboard via gestures. While it’s not as cool as, say, using motion to trot the virtual globe, it’s still pretty neat, and yet another new feature for Flowboard, which seems to be adding updates and improvements at a brisk pace since it debuted in April.

Leap Motion is only integrated with the Mac version of Flowboard, which is just a viewer, and can’t create publication like the Flowboard iPad app can; Brookler says that may change as the outfit is considering bringing the publishing aspect to the Mac as well.

The Flowboard Mac viewer with Leap Motion control can be downloaded here.

Source: Flowboard