Apple Refunds 8-Year-Old’s $6,131 Bill For In-App Purchases


  • joewaylo

    These are the reasons why you should turn off the App Store in restrictions to begin with. Even as an adult, playing those games can cost you more money than your monthly budget.

    These games really trick you to spend hundreds of dollars a week. I even played that myself with games like Megapolis where you need real money to build the next level’s buildings. Even a $50 USD bridge.

  • Behinder

    iPad shouldn’t be given to children. Period.

  • Adrayven

    Is there a reason these cases are all UK cases? Seems … odd. The Apps in the US iOS App store just more obvious about it?

  • Shane Bryson

    He felt that Apple should refund him for his mistake? No, you screwed up my friend. I wish someone refunded me for everything I ever bought and screwed up. This is ridiculous that all he had to do was go to a new paper and whine about his own stupidity and Apple gave him his money back. This is the world we live in, where stupidity is rewarded.

  • KillianBell

    iPad shouldn’t be given to children. Period.

    I completely disagree. We have three children who all use the iPad, and they play games that teach them to spell, solve puzzles, and do math — much better than we could with pencils and paper. But we use the parental controls Apple has implemented to ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen.

  • crateish

    I got drunk the other night and bought $6,131 worth of movies off of iTunes. Since drunkenness basically reduces your mental state to that of a toddler, gimme my money back!

  • bdkennedy

    Wow did he get lucky. This will continue to happen mostly by the parents that just want to shut the kid up.