What if the ‘S’ in the iPhone 5S Actually Stood for Superman? [Concept]


credit: flickr/Alexander Kormishin

Gather up a substantial clump of geeks in any one place and you’re bound to get some interesting concoctions. In this case, two Comic Con pilgrims have taken a certain favored S-themed superhero and combined it with a certain favored S-themed smartphone. Behold, the Superphone.

The mockups were created by J. Medbury (below) and Alexander Kormishin (above). The Kryptonian font on the phones’ screens is actually Johnny Ixe’s DataMan Next app.

credit: deviantart/J-Medbury

Thanks: Johnny Ixe

  • SupaMac

    all i read was the title. therefore, i will never read your article.

    cool story, bro

  • FesterinKadaver

    And why is this article significant? I didn’t even read it. Just took a look at the title which seemed to been thought up by a five year old. How about something with more substance?