Dataman Next, The Only App Available In Kryptonian


If you're Superman, you can read the one on the right.


As if Dataman Next isn’t already superpretty and superuseful, it’s now available in a Kryptonian font. Supermen and geeks everywhere, rejoice.

The font isn’t actually listed — its an Easter egg that’s accessed by some sneaky screen gestures. To access, swipe left on the main screen, then tap Theme > Font. Then perform a 108-degree-plus rotation with two fingers (doesn’t matter which way). Though unless you find yourself affected in strange ways by a yellow sun, the font is probably pretty impractical.

Besides the font, the update also includes an additional, “Kryptonian” color palette.

Developer Johnny Ixe says he timed the addition of the Kryptonian font to his data-counter app to coincide with the Comic-Con convention, beginning next week in San Diego.

If you want to incorporate the font in your own project, it’s available here.

The entire family of Dataman apps is on sale at half off right now, so not a bad time to score one if you’re looking for a way to track data.

Source: Johnny Ixe