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T-Mobile CEO Says AT&T Next Is All “Smoke And Mirrors”



As a response to T-Mobile’s new Jump plan that allows customers to upgrade their smartphone once a year for free, AT&T announced Next two days ago, which offers similar perks as Jump but at a much higher cost.

T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere has already launched an AT&T Next bashing campaign to go along with the anti-AT&T rant filled keynote he delivered on July 10th. According to an email exchange with CNET, Legere views AT&T Next as just “a poor copycat” of Jump that’s designed to ripoff consumers more than ever:

“Their offer is terrible for consumers. They’re charging you twice on the same phone and calling that a good deal. Why they think anyone would go for this plan is baffling to us.

Unlike AT&T Next, customers who sign up for Jump are also placed on a lower-cost service plan to reflect the lack of a subsidy. Customers pay $10 monthly fee for Jump but the lower service rates and extra upgrades might be appealing to some consumers. However with AT&T Next you’re still stuck on a plan with higher rates and subsidy fees.

Verizon is also expected to announce its version of an early upgrade plan -Edge – at a keynote on July 23rd, along with a new line up of Droid smartphones to compete with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Source: CNET

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