Disable The Parallax Effect In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]


Reduce Motion iOS 7

While the style of iOS has been described as flatter, that’s typically more true of the icon design and some of the panel and font combinations than the entire operating system.

In fact, there’s a subtle parallax effect that can be seen pretty easily behind the home page icons. I use the space and stars wallpaper, and when I tilt or twist my iPhone 5 running iOS 7, I can definitely see things almost move, or change perspective.

It’s a slick visual feature, but if it drives you nuts, or you feel icky with it in the background there, here’s how to disable it.

All you need to do is tap into the Settings app, and then tap the General area. Tap into Accessibility, and then scroll down a bit.

You’ll see a toggle switch to Reduce Motion. Tap it once to toggle it to ON. Now the parallax effect won’t be in evidence. If you want the pretty feature back, simply tap the Reduce Motion switch to OFF again, no harm, no foul.

Via: Alex Garibay

  • scophi

    The parallax effect is the only feature of the new UI that I like.

    But I suppose if it causes distraction or reduces apparent responsiveness, turning it off makes sense. (Similar to turning off animations in Windows 7 for a snappier feel.)

  • trudderham

    Interesting, I turned off the effect and the home/lock screen doesn’t feel quite as alive anymore. I prefer it on.
    That said, I believe the parallax effect still needs a bit of tweaking, particularly on the iPad. It’s not as “3D” as the iOS 7 promo video depicts it to be.