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Airy App Rips MP3 Tracks From YouTube Videos



They say that the kids these days don’t listen to vinyl records, nor CDs. And apparently they don’t even use Rdio or Spotify. They use – get this – YouTube.

Which is presumably why Eltima software has made Airy, an app for downloading YouTube videos and extracting the audio to an MP3 file.

I had heard about this kids’ YouTube thing, but I saw it first hand a week or so back when some young ‘uns had a dinner on the roof terrace opposite my apartment. For music, they had a laptop (PC, crappy) out on the terrace and tuned to the YouTube web homepage. And that’s how they’d listen to music. It works I guess, but it’s far from elegant. Then again, from the looks on the youngsters’ faces, it seems they were more interested in getting to “dessert”, if you know what I mean[1].

Airy is simple. Simple enough for sex-crazed teenagers even. Paste in a URL and choose your target output format. MP3 is there. But you can also rip the video too, into universal MP4 or one of a slew of beardo codecs (webm 360p? 3GP 144p?).

The app costs $20, which pretty much guarantees it will never be bought by a single teenager. It is also supposedly in the Mac App Store, but was either never there or has been recently pulled by Apple, as I can’t find it. No matter – as a Mac app you can just grab a trial from the Eltima site.

Source: Eltima

  1. Sex is what I mean.  ↩