I’ll Take Three: Asus 31.5-Inch 4K Monitor For Just $3,500



You just know Al Gore is going to order up three of these bad boys and hook them up to his new trashcan Mac Pro – just for checking the weather reports (spoiler – getting warmer). And the good news is that you can too: these 31.5-inch 4K displays from Asus are now available for pre-order at the low, low (?) price of $3,500. A shame. If Asus had added another $500 to the price my headline could have been “4K Monitor For $4K.”

The deets: 3840 x 2160-pixel 10-bit RGB, IGZO, LED backlight, DisplayPort (natch), dual HDMI, stereo speakers and a cabinet that’s just under an inch and a half thick, at 3.5mm.

The new Mac Pro should be able to drive a trio of these babies easily, but perhaps your bank account will have some trouble. I don’t know how much the new Mac Pro will cost, but my guess is that you won’t be getting much change out of $15,000 for the whole setup. And that’s without buying a new reinforced desk.

Available July 16th.

Source: Amazon