Here’s How To Send Directions From OS X Mavericks Maps To Your iOS Device [OS X Tips]


Maps To iOS Device

One of the features I’ve been most looking forward to in OS X Mavericks is the ability to send directions from my Mac to my iPhone, to be able to take my directions on the go, even when I’m searching on my Mac. I hate having to go to my iPhone (or iPad) and re-enter the starting and ending addresses again; I just did that on my Mac!

While you still can’t do that with Google directions, you can now send directions from OS X Mavericks Maps right to your iOS Maps. Here’s how.

First up, launch Maps on your OS X Mavericks Mac and search for a location. Click on the Directions button in the upper left hand corner of the Maps window, and you’ll see the familiar blue line and pins that denote a route across the map, from point of departure to the destination.

Now, click on the Share button that’s right next to the Directions button. A drop down sheet will appear, with your iCloud-connected iOS devices at the top of a list that also contains Email, Messages, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, and Bookmark.

Choose your iPhone or iPad as a Sharing destination, and a transparent copy of the map you’re looking at will “tear off” and slide upward with a nice animation showing you what’s going on. Seconds later, the chosen iOS device will notify you that it has a new Map. Tapping the notification on your iPhone or iPad will open the iOS Maps app and have your directions just ready for you.

Yay, forward progress!

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4 responses to “Here’s How To Send Directions From OS X Mavericks Maps To Your iOS Device [OS X Tips]”

  1. joewaylo says:

    Then there’s creating a contact specifically with the address and uploading it to your iPhone using iCloud. Moments later the address is there and ready for you to select and navigate.

  2. michelelings says:

    Maps doesn’t show my iPhone in the share sheet. Is there a setting or something?

  3. topherhyde says:

    Will these kinds of instructions be re-posted when most of your audience actually has the new OS in the fall?

  4. JacktheMac says:

    Are you allowed to show us a few more screengrabs ?

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