Manually Update Your Apps In iOS 7 Beta [iOS TIps]


Disable Auto Updates

A promising feature of the upcoming iOS 7 is the automatic updating feature for apps. As Senator John McCain knows, manually updating ever sigle app on your iOS device–especially as you start to collect a bunch–can be a real time sink.

Fortunately, iOS 7 beta has the ability to just let all your apps update in the background, automagically, with nary a trip to the App Store UPdates tab to waste your time. HOwever, if you want to be able to pick and choose which apps to update, you’ll need to make a trip to the Settings app.

Launch Settings with a tap, and then scroll down to the iTunes & App Stores button. Tap it to go to that specifici preference screen, and then scroll down to the Automatic Downloads area. You’ll see the already in place Music, Apps, and Books auto-update toggles, and then you’ll see a new one: Updates. This is set to ON by default.

To turn off automatic updating for your apps, tap the toggle to OFF, which will change the toggle from a bright green to a pure white. There you go; no more automatic updates.

Now you’ll be able to hit the Updates tab in the App Store App to choose which apps to update, just like you do not in iOS 6.

  • ridwan47

    I’d love to have the option of “Automatically Update All Apps EXCEPT These Apps”

  • FutureMedia

    Any chance we could have automatic updates on everything except an app we don’t want to update?

  • momjko

    So …. it sounds like when I go thru the process of upgrading to iOS 7 that all my apps with automatically update before I can go to Settings and turn the auto feature off. Is there any way to make sure this doesn’t happen with the upgrade process? Or am I stuck with the app updates until I can get the feature turned off?